Trump Conversation

It is understatement to say that Christians, and others, in America have some strong disagreements about their visions for America and the extent to which President Trump is facilitating, or not, their respective visions.

Reforming Political Discourse

The political climate surrounding both the Obama and Trump presidencies has been marked by a hyper-partisan attitude of “we’ll do this without you” from the majority party and an attitude of “if you’re for it, we’re against it” from the minority party.

Do Christians have resources for working together across political differences that offer an alternative to the current appalling state of political discourse?


Human Sexuality

Current discourse among Christians regarding LGBT issues is often vitriolic, in which we too easily demonize and call into question the Christian commitment of those whose views do not agree with us. In stark contrast, this electronic conversation (eCircle) will model respectful conversations between conversation partners whose views differ on nine LGBT issues. For each issue, conversation partners who hold to contrasting traditional and non-traditional positions will seek to better understand the way in which the other is seeking to express faithfulness to the Christian faith and will engage one another in civil conversation about their disagreements based on mutual understanding and respect.


American Evangelicalism

A conversation that envisions a vibrant future for American Evangelicalism if professing evangelicals can model that rare combination of deep commitment to their own beliefs; openness to listening to the beliefs of others; and willingness to engage in respectful conversation with those who disagree with them in place of the combativeness that has characterized too much of Evangelicalism in the recent past. It is proposed that participation in “God’s Project of Reconciliation” is the “Center” that can hold evangelical Christians together in the midst of great diversity in belief and ecclesiastical practices.


Alternative Political Conversation

Modeling a “better way” of talking about important public policy issues than the current vitriolic political discourse.


The Elusive Search for Unity

A discussion facilitated by Harold Heie to gain greater clarity as to the reasons for disunity within the Christian Church, and to gain understanding as to how Christians can work together to forge greater unity.