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Christian Faithfulness and Human Sexuality

Current discourse among Christians regarding LGBT issues is often vitriolic, in which we too easily demonize and call into question the Christian commitment of those whose views do not agree with us. In stark contrast, this electronic conversation (eCircle) will model respectful conversations between conversation partners whose views differ on nine LGBT issues. For each issue, conversation partners who hold to contrasting traditional and non-traditional positions will seek to better understand the way in which the other is seeking to express faithfulness to the Christian faith and will engage one another in civil conversation about their disagreements based on mutual understanding and respect. This modeling of respectful conversation will set the stage for a follow-up project that will lead to published books dealing with these controversial issues.

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Topic #2: Biblical Understandings (August 2015)

Topic #3: Biology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (September 2015)

Topic #4: Constitutional Framework for Dealing with Public Policy Issues (October 2015)

Topic #5: Same-Sex Marriage: Pluralism (November 2015)

Topic #6: Anti-Discrimination Laws (December 2015)

Topic #7: Voices from Younger Christians (January 2016)

Topic #8: Churches and the LGBT Community (February 2016)

Topic #9: Case Study Conversations Regarding LGBT Issues at Christian Institutions of Higher Education and Within Churches and Denominations (March 2016)