Conversation Circles

In light of the rampant brokenness of much public discourse, my dream of creating numerous forums for respectful conversation will be realized only if like minded Christians and other persons of good will take the initiative to create local models of such conversation in their respective circles and spheres of influence (planting seeds, in the spirit of the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 13: 31-32).

Therefore, I invite you to initiate a local Conversation Circle devoted to respectful conversation on a contemporary issue – possibly an issue that is currently being debated in your community, church, or school; a national issue of importance; an issue about which you personally have a keen interest; or an issue raised by any of the content of this web site, such as something I say in one of my musings on my blog.

Two types of Conversation Circles are envisioned: local Conversation Circles hosted by you in your geographical setting; and electronic Conversation Circles hosted on this web site.

Local Conversation Circles

If you decide to initiate a local Conversation Circle, I invite you to send me a brief email describing the nature of your local Circle, including the following information:

  •  Your affiliation and contact information
  •  The topic/theme to be addressed by your Conversation Circle
  •  The persons or group who will comprise your Conversation Circle
  •  The location, format, and duration for your conversation
  •  The projected date(s) for your conversation

Providing me with the above information is optional. Such information will be helpful to me as I assess the effectiveness, or not, of my “respectful conversation” project. None of the information you provide will be disseminated to anyone else without your permission.

If you decide to exercise this option of submitting information on your local Conversation Circle, I will, at a later date, also give you the option of reporting on the results of your conversation, with emphasis on what worked well and what didn’t work as well, so we can all learn from your experience. After that, I may report on your Conversation Circle in one of my Blog musings, assuming you give me permission to do so, or I may ask if you are willing write an entry for posting on my Blog.

Electronic Conversation Circles 

If you wish to initiate an electronic Conversation Circle on this web site, then please email me,,  with the following information:

  • Topic to be Discussed
  • Your Name, and Affiliation (if any)
  • A Brief Bio that Explains Your Interest in this Topic
  • Your Purpose in Initiating this Conversation

Upon receipt of this information, I will email you further instructions on how to proceed.