Dr. Michael King

Michael A. King, Telford, Pennsylvania, has long been an editor and publisher, first through Herald Press (Scottdale, PA, 1989-1997) and then more recently as owner and publisher, Cascadia Publishing House LLC (Telford, PA, 1997-). He has been dean, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and Vice President, Eastern Mennonite University, 2010-17 and during that period dean, EMU Graduate and Professional School, 2016-17. He has been pastor in diverse congregational settings, ranging from Germantown Mennonite Church (Philadelphia, PA, 1982-1989), Spring Mount (PA) Mennonite Church (1997-2008), and more.

As author and publisher, King has addressed theology and culture, including implications of postmodernity and the “emerging church” movment. King is co-editor of Mutual Treasure: Seeking Better Ways for Christians and Culture to Converse (Cascadia, 2009), editor of Stumbling Toward a Genuine Conversation on Homosexuality (Cascadia, 2007), and co-editor of Anabaptist Preaching: A Conversation Between Pulpit, Pew, and Bible (Cascadia, 2004). He is author of Trackless Wastes and Stars to Steer By: Christian Identity in a Homeless Age (Herald, 1990, which emergent leader Brian McLaren has said began to address emergent issues 10 years before McLaren), Fractured Dance: Gadamer and Mennonite Conversation On Homosexuality, C. Henry Smith series, vol. 3 (Pandora U.S., 2001), many articles in a wide variety of magazines and journals, including Christian Century. He is co-author (with Ron Sider), of Preaching about Life in a Threatening World (Westminster, 1987) and blogger and editor, Kingsview & Co, https://www.CascadiaPublishingHouse.com/KingsviewCo/

The oldest of nine children, King was born in 1954 in Sellersville, PA, but soon taken to Cuba by his missionary parents, Aaron and Betty King. He lived in Cuba until age five, then in Mexico (where he attended high school by correspondence via the University of Nebraska) through age 17.

Michael is married to Joan Kenerson King, of Olean, NY, who maintains her own therapy and consulting practice and works as a Senior Integration Consultant with the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare. Michael and Joan have individually and jointly served as speakers and resource persons in many settings. They have 12 cherished descendants, including three daughters, three sons-in-law, and six grandchildren.