Mark Ellingsen

Dr. Mark Ellingsen

Mark Ellingsen is a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor who has served for nearly 3 decades on the faculty of the largest Historic Black seminary in the US, the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.  Prior to assuming that position he served as a parish pastor, on the faculty of a Lutheran Seminary, and spent 6 years in international ecumenism on the staff of the Institute for Ecumenical Research headquartered in Strasbourg France.  Raised bi-culturally by Norwegian immigrant parents, with a Yale Ph.D., Mark is the author of 24 books (2 more are presently being published) and over 400 published articles.  His most recent books are a textbook for Intro to Theology courses titledTheological Formation: Making Theology Your Own (Mercer University Press), a book on how to cope with the challenges of globalization and internet connectivity titled, Finding Peaks and Valleys in a Flat World (Vernon Press), and a book explaining the growth of the Nones (Religiously Unaffiliated) and what to do about these developments titled, Ever Hear of Feuerbach?  That’s Why American and European Christianity Are in Such a Funk! (Cascade Books).  A proud Confessional Lutheran (he loves Luther), Mark is also a raving “ecumeniac,” as most of his education and the academic positions he has held have been in ecumenical institutions