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Looking in on the Latter Day Saints

I must begin by telling a personal story about a dear friend, who is my primary point of contact with the Latter Day Saints.  This friend was a young girl when her generous parents hosted my husband and our young family in their home (along with several other young couples our age).  Their home was […]

Walking the Way Into Faith

There is so much to love about Dr. Granberg-Michaelson’s posting on the Reformed Tradition.  First and foremost, I think he really exemplifies the spirit of Harold Heie’s project on Respectful Conversation, laying out with great humility the strengths and weaknesses of his tradition, with a real openness in his tone.  One can hear he is […]

The Fruits of Baptism: Do Catholics and Anabaptists Agree on What They Are, Even if We Disagree on Who Should Partake?

When I was a young child, my mother (who was raised Catholic in the most nominal way and walked away from the Church as an adult), decided to attend a local Congregational church here in central Massachusetts.  Her stint as a Protestant lasted less than a decade, and eventually fizzled into non-practice.  While it lasted, […]