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Looking in on the Latter Day Saints

I must begin by telling a personal story about a dear friend, who is my primary point of contact with the Latter Day Saints.  This friend was a young girl when her generous parents hosted my husband and our young family in their home (along with several other young couples our age).  Their home was […]

Shared Hopes for Perfection, if Differences in Praxis

This month, Catholics around the world experienced the most poignant and pivotal weeks in the entire liturgical year:  Holy Week and Easter Week.  At the height of our Lenten season of penance, we finally shift our attention from our own acknowledgement of the deep need for continued conversion and sanctification, in the vast array of […]

Walking the Way Into Faith

There is so much to love about Dr. Granberg-Michaelson’s posting on the Reformed Tradition.  First and foremost, I think he really exemplifies the spirit of Harold Heie’s project on Respectful Conversation, laying out with great humility the strengths and weaknesses of his tradition, with a real openness in his tone.  One can hear he is […]

The Fruits of Baptism: Do Catholics and Anabaptists Agree on What They Are, Even if We Disagree on Who Should Partake?

When I was a young child, my mother (who was raised Catholic in the most nominal way and walked away from the Church as an adult), decided to attend a local Congregational church here in central Massachusetts.  Her stint as a Protestant lasted less than a decade, and eventually fizzled into non-practice.  While it lasted, […]