Honoring God in Red or Blue

I wish to call your attention to an excellent newly released book that has been authored by Amy Black, who teaches political science at Wheaton College (IL) and is one of the six regular commentators for the Alternative Political Conversation (APC) that is hosted on this web site.

Amy’s book is titled Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace and Reason (Moody Publishers). Here is Amy’s summary description of the content of this book.

At a time when public discourse is too often harsh, divisive and hateful, Honoring God in Red or Blue calls Christians to take a more reasoned and humble approach to politics. I describe key points of tension that make political dialogue so difficult and offer practical, straightforward guidance for how to engage in political discussions, analyze political issues, and evaluate candidates in ways that honor God.

Whatever your political affiliation, I highly commend this book for your summer reading as we approach the November elections, Written in a  very readable style, it provides clear guidance for Christians who wish to model respectful and God honoring conversation in the political realm, as a deep expression of what it means to love those who may disagree with you on contentious political issues.