More on Conversation Circles

I am delighted that shortly after I launched my web site, two friends, one in Minneapolis and one in a suburb of Chicago, responded with possible interest in establishing local Conversation Circles (two down, many more to go).

This initial expression of interest prompts me to say more about what I have in mind, especially since one of the major purposes of my web site is to foster the establishment of numerous Conversation Circles.

At first, I envisioned asking interested persons to formally “register” their Circles on my web site, and then “require” them to report on the logistics and results of their Circles. But I soon came to my senses. Busy people don’t need one more thing to do. Establishing such formal expectations might prove to be disincentives for participation.

Since I do not want to put any unnecessary “hurdles” in your path, you are not expected to “establish a Conversation Circle” on my website. You can just decide on everything related to the Circle you wish to establish in your setting, and then “just do it.”

Although I am strongly partial toward face-to-face conversations, geographical distances between persons you may wish to talk with may suggest judicious use of “electronic conversation.”  The topic you wish to talk about, your choice of conversation partners, and all the logistics for orchestrating the conversation are entirely up to you.

We don’t even have to know that you are “doing it.” But, as indicated on our Conversation Circles page, we do give you the option of reporting some information related to your establishing a Conversation Circle. If you decide to exercise this option, I will, at a later date, give you the option of reporting on the results of your conversation, with emphasis on what worked well and what didn’t work as well, so that we call all learn from your experience. After that I may report on your Conversation Circle in one of my Blog musings, assuming you give me permission to do so, or I may ask you if you are willing to write an entry for posting on my blog.

But, once again, the extent, if any, to which you may wish to provide information and a concluding report on your Circle is entirely up to you. I am much more interested in your “just doing it;” taking whatever steps you judge to be necessary to establish a fruitful Conversation Circle in your sphere of influence that will model respectful conversation.

I thank all of you for your consideration.